The R class R programming for biologists

Final project presentations

Some guidelines for the final project presentations:

  • Time: about 15 min total. Leave time for some questions.
  • Presentation format: you can choose to use whatever presentation you think is best, but I recommend you use RMarkdown.
  • Project format: in addition to the presentation, you need to create a repository that will contain a RMarkdown document that summarizes your project. Given the breadth of topics the exact format/content will vary. However, your repository should contain at least some functional pieces of R code that are documented, if possible a graph generated with R, and some narrative about what your project is about. Once your project is ready (at the latest by class time on April 24th), you will post the link to your GitHub repository if the issue with your name in the logistics repository. I will provide feedback, comments and pull requests soon after the presentations.

If you need help or need feedback before the deadline, let me know.